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There is a huge choice for recreation and entertainment in Primorsko - During daytime you can go to the beach where you can sun bathe laying on the soft and warm golden sands or you can visit some of the famous natural and historical sites, which are located nearby. In the evening you can relax in the pleasant atmosphere in one of the many town restaurants, in which besides the traditional Bulgarian cuisine you can taste many fish specialties, barbecues, pizzas, you can listen to live music and you will be offered many other attractions.

The most interesting part of Primorsko’s history and culture is connected with the ancient Thracians who lived in these places. The archaeologists have found 4 sanctuaries, 12 dolmens and 10 mound necropolises in the area. The most remarkable of all the religious monuments here is the holy place of "Beglik Tash", which symbolizes the cult of the sun. In 2003 a sanctuary was found, which is defined by the archaeologists as the earliest found so far Thracian sanctuary in Southeast Thrace and the Black Sea coast. The pieces of pottery discovered here show that during the 3 Century BC the local people here were communicating and trading with people from the island of Crete, Troy, Egypt and other places. The sanctuary is related to the cult of fertility, the Goddess-Mother and the Orphic enlightenment and immortalization of the Heroa. Large rocks had been partially processed by the human hand and had been assembled on site, and the stone slabs and blocks are arranged in unique shapes.

The town of Primorsko is situated on a small peninsula between the bays of Stamopolo and the Devil’s bay. The landscape is varied and picturesque, a combination of dense coastal forests, broad sandy beaches and exotic nature. Half of the town’s beaches are actually protected dunes. From the representatives of the fauna here you can see dolphins, monk seals and a wide variety of fish. Ropotamo natural reserve is situated nearby, it is famous for its rock phenomena- ‘’The Lion head’’ and "The Dragon House". Two rivers pass through the town- The Ropotamo River and The Devil River, and 6 km away is the remarkable cape Maslen. For nature lovers, within easy reach are located the well known and well preserved natural reserves - "The Water Lilies" and ’’The Ropotamo’’, and protected areas such as the Stamopolo and Arkutino swamps, and the Perla sand dunes.

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